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Banters with Micah


Micah Baldwin, founder of the rad comic site Graphicly, has long been a Banters’ favorite. His often gross, offensive, and sardonic humor can be a good distraction during any dragging afternoon. 

1. What’s your favorite word?

I have three.

"hello" - but only if it precedes "is it me you are looking for"

"droids" - but only if its included in the sentence "these are not the droids you are looking for"

"dangling participle" - but only used as a question "what are you using dangling participles for?"

Sorry, the last one is two words, and writer’s humor, so lets just go with motherfucker. 

2. What’s more important in a good friendship; sarcasm or sympathy?

Sarcasm if it’s family, sympathy if it’s a shrew.

3. Always have the last word or keep them guessing?

You done talking? Then, yes. 

4. Bad publicity or no publicity?

I was once ranked #2 on good for the word “douchebag.” Um, yeah. 

5. The best way to make a crying person laugh?

Kick a baby in the balls. If you have no baby, fart. If you have no balls, don’t joke about a baby. 

6. The best way to make a laughing person cry?

Kick them in the nuts, if you have no nuts, then joke about a baby. 

7. The best pick-up line which hasn’t worked?

I have your parents in my basement. Want to let them out? 

8. The worst pick-up line which has worked?

I swear, we are just friends. 

9. Most often used comeback?

I know you are, but what do you believe I might be, depending on how you view me in an existential manner. 

10. Personal favorite Banters post?